The New Gold Experience

At our New Gold Experience we will feature the deep contact with winemakers and/or iconic producers and a lunch moment at the exclusive Casa do Arco Restaurant.

The Day will start between 08:45 – 09:15. On modern, comfy and luxurious Mercedes-Benz small vehicles, we’ll be picking you up at your accommodations in Porto/Douro Valley area.

The driving time from Porto to the Douro Wine Valley will take approximately 1h20 minutes: half by highway and the other half taking a beautiful foothill road that will show you the incredible landscape of the surrounded areas of the Douro Valley. We will use the traveling time to immerse you in the Douro Valley cultural and historical background and give you the necessary inputs so you’ll be able to understand the most important factors that contributed over thousands of years to forge and sculpt this singular Wine Country. The soil, the climate, the grape varieties, the viticulture styles, winemaking processes and the people who occupied the territory.

Like a dear guest once said: “If you don’t see it, you’ll not believe it!”

11:00 – Arrival to the Douro Valley Wine Country, World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2001. The first wine region in the world to be demarcated with geographical boundaries and creating regulation for Wine production (in September 1756)

We will start by visiting one of our premium Wineries on the day for Wine tastings. Our partners are selected not only because of their wine quality but also the overall experience you will have regarding information, tasting explanation and very importantly: the art of Hospitality and the deep connection they have with the area. In all wineries you will have the opportunity to taste a variety of wines. Our goal is to prepare tastings that exemplify the quality but also the diversity of Douro Wine Valley Ports, Reds and White Wines.

12:45/13:00 – Lunch Moment at the exclusive Casa do Arco Restaurant

Overlooking the heart of the Douro Wine Valley at this most wonderful scenic place, you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious and exquisite menu winepaired with DOC Douro Wines.

15:00 – Experience an Old Boutique Port Wine Winery where the grapes are still tread by feet in the traditional open granite tanks (Lagares) like 200 years ago.

There you will have the possibility to learn about, and taste several different Port Styles paired with special treats.

16.00 – Boat ride relaxing moment sailing from Pinhão Village, considered to be the Heart of the Douro Valley Wine Country.

For approximately 1 hour you will glide serenely through the tranquil waters of the Douro River surrounded by the most beautiful terraced vineyard landscapes in the world. You will be offered on board an exclusive and delicate 40-years-old Tawny Port paired with homemade Douro Valley roasted almonds.

This 40-years-old delicacy results from a fine blend prepared by us after selecting the best wines from local producers, collected directly from the cask.

17.00 – Trip back to your accommodations with the estimated arrival time around 06:00pm (Douro Valley) or 07:30pm (Porto City).

The Immersive Gold Experience Wine tasting best selection for the Two Wineries

Douro DOC Red
  • Colheita Red
  • Reserva Red (Old Vines)
  • Grande Reserva Red (Old Vines)
Douro DOC White
  • White colheita
  • White Reserva (Old Vines)
Port Wine
  • Dry White Port
  • White Port
  • Ruby Reserve (Organic)
  • Late Bottled Vintage (Ruby)
  • Tawny 20/30 years Old
  • Vintage Port – Available Year
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