Almond Tree Suite
This environment is composed of colors connected to the earth, warmth and the almond trees, whose chromatism varies with the advance of the seasons. Beige, brownish oranges and soft yellows form a warm color palette combined with soft and comfortable textures that remind us of the fruit and its fine brown skin seed.
Lemon Tree Room
The Lemon Tree room reflects an environment with a color palette composed of green variants on a neutral beige background that enhances the refreshing effect of the lemon fruit. Tone on tone, the decorative elements sprinkle the environment with “greens” that evoke the lemon tree tops filled with leaves of different shades and sizes.
Fig Tree Room
This room represents the celebration of the leafy fig tree, an authentic explosion of colors and aromas, in addition to the flavors of the sweet and voluptuous fig. Soft and beige roses combine with purple variants, dispersed in several exuberant textures that enhance visual and tactile sensations.

Accepting our invitation

The minimum stay with us is two nights.
We believe this is the minimum necessary to experience the property, the Douro Valley’s beauty and tranquility.

Select our:

New Exclusive Suite for

300 €



Double Room Deluxe

200 €


Included in the price:

Enjoy access to other services with 15% discount

Cancellation policy

Flexible reservations cancelled with more than 72 hours’ notice are without penalty to the guest; cancellations with 48 hours before the date of arrival are 50% of the total booking, cancellations with less than two days before the arrival have a penalty of 100% of the total booking.

Terms and conditions

To confirm your reservation Casa do Arco requires the number, date and security code of a credit card at the time of the reservation or a deposit of 20% of the full reservation to the:

IBAN: PT50003500790001200793078

Check in: 15h30
Check out: 11h00

Casa do Arco by Douro Exclusive only accepts children over 8 years old, expect when the guest books the whole House in Exclusivity;

Pets – Not allowed.